Conference Venue

The DATESO 2009 workshop is being held in the Patejdlova Bouda cottage, the town of Špindlerův Mlýn in the Krkonoše mountains, Czech Republic. The conference accomodation is also organized in the Patejdlova Bouda cottage
The maximum capacity of the Patejdlova Bouda cottage is 45 beds and there are 2-bed and 5-bed rooms available.
You can use a complimentary sauna and a whirlpool, if you intend to use these services, please carry an appropriately sized towel and a swimsuit as well.

How to get there: From Špindlerův Mlým, go to Medvědí koleno crossing where the road to Patejdlova bouda leaves the asphalt road (see the maps). If you get stuck, please call Ms. Marcela Svobodová at mobile +420 602 223 783.
Road to Patejdlova bouda
The map of the town of Špindlerův Mlýn and the Patejdlova Bouda cottage

Note: If you selected an accomodation option during the Dateso 2009 registration process, then the accomodation is already organized for you and there is no need to call the Patejdlova Bouda cottage directly.

Patejdlova Bouda, 543 51 Špindlerův Mlýn 83,
phone +420 499 421 752, mobile +420 602 223 783
The managing director of the Patejdlova Bouda cottage is Ms. Marcela Svobodová.

The Patejdlova Bouda website (in Czech only)