Department of
Computer Science

Faculty of
Electrical Engineering
and Computer Science

VSB-Technical University
of Ostrava

17. listopadu 15
708 33 Ostrava
Czech Republic

Marie Duží



+420 59 732 5861
Office EA415

List of publications and Curriculum vitae


Lecture notes
Logic for practice Monografie Duží Menšík
Introduction to Logical Thinking Duží Menšík
Mathematical logic Matlogika.pdf Duzi Menšík, Dráždilová
Transparent Intensional Logic Monografie Duží Menšík
Mathematical Logic, advanced Matlogika-skripta Duží Duží
Introduction to Theoretical Computer Science UTI.pdf Sawa Duží, Menšík
Intelligent Systems Monografie Duzi Menšík
Logic and Theory of Concept Duží

Research activities:

Transparent Intensional Logic:
Procedural Semantics for Hyperintensional Logic Springer 2010
web-site (TIL); De dicto / De re (ProFil)
Open access Intech: Strawson vs. Russell

Guest editor (with Bjorn Jespersen) of Synthese special issue on hyperintensionality Introduction

Research Laboratory of Intelligent Systems LabIS; project "Logic & Artificial Intelligence for Multi-Agent Systems"

Conceptual Modelling: Logical Foundations

Some important conferences

  • 12th International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence, Valletta - Malta, 22-24 February, 2020 ICAART 2020;
    special session on Natural Language Processing in Artificial Intelligence NLPinAI 2020
  • Proof-Theoretic Semantics (Third Tübingen Conference on PTS): PTS 2019; photo: participants
  • 20th International Conference on Computational Linguistics and Intelligent Text Processing: CICLing 2019; poster: machine learning
  • European-Japanese Conference on Information Modelling and Knowledge Bases: EJC 2019;
  • 19th International Conference on Computational Linguistics and Intelligent Text Processing: CICLing 2018; paper: natural deduction in TIL
  • European Congress of Analytic Philosophy ECAP 6; workshop: Structured Meanings and Concepts
  • European Congress of Analytic Philosophy ECAP 7 Milano; paper: Procedural isomorphism
  • Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, LMPS Nancy, France; symposium: Hyperintension, intension and extension
  • Cooperation: Dr. Bjorn Jespersen, the Netherlands: Tutorials

    Photos and diaris from my trips: to download