DATESO 2004 - slideshows

Designing Indexing Structure for Discovering Relationships in RDF Graphs
Stanislav Barton

LSI vs. Wordnet Ontology in Dimension Reduction for Information Retrieval (in Czech)
Pavel Moravec, Michal Kolovrat, Vaclav Snasel

Pivoting M-tree: A Metric Access Method for Efficient Similarity Search
Tomas Skopal

Storage and Retrieval of First Order Logic Terms in a Database
Peter Gursky

Storing XML Data In a Native Repository
Kamil Toman

Concept Lattices Constrained by Attribute Dependencies
Radim Belohlavek, Vladimir Sklenar, Jiri Zacpal

Concepts Valuation by Conjugate Moebius Inverse
Petr Gajdos, Vaclav Snasel

Querying the RDF: Small Case Study in the Bicycle Sale Domain
Ondrej Svab, Vojtech Svatek, Martin Kavalec, and Martin Labsky

On Efficient Part-match Querying of XML Data
Michal Kratky, Marek Andrt

INEX a Broadly Accepted Data Set for XML Database Processing?
Pavel Loupal, Michal Valenta

Query Expansion and Evolution of Topic in Information Retrieval Systems (in Czech)
Jiri Dvorsky, Jan Martinovic, Vaclav Snasel

Using Blind Search and Formal Concepts for Binary Factor Analysis
Ales Keprt

Finite State Automata and Image Recognition
Marian Mindek

Multi-dimensional Sparse Matrix Storage (in Czech)
Jiri Dvorsky, Michal Kratky

Design of Structure and Realisation of Game Rules Database of Robot-Soccer Game (in Czech)
Bohumil Horak, Vaclav Snasel